Arsip Bulanan: Februari 2015

I’ll Keep This Song For “That Man”

Lock Heart

This pict was taken by me at Penang Hill, Malaysia (November, 2014)

“A good relationship is worth to wait”

If I could sing, surely I’ll sing this song for someone right now. Someone who I love the most.

But well, may be I’m too rush with this feeling. I don’t know whether he feels the same thing like what I fell or no. But I’ve learn a lot, that anything worth having is worth waiting for. So I don’t want to rush or force this feeling. Just want to keep it silence.

I’ll keep waiting ’till that day come. The day when I will sing this song for special one with all my heart. To show him that I trust him to give all of me, and to share my entire life with him. At that time, there’s no need to hestitate for me to sing.

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