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“Happy Lunar New Year!” Wishes From Me and Head of States

Happy Lunar New Year for all my friends who celebrate it ^^

I’m happy for you all, folks…

How was your day? Hope your smile still bright there 🙂

Btw, I made some a greeting card for you all who celebrate a Chinese new year. Hope u like it, my dearest pal^^

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I am Happy For You, Tunisia^^

Hi, guys!
How r u today? Hope u have a nice day..

Yesterday (Monday, 27/1/2014) I paid my attention to Tunisia’s political issue. Cz at that time, I read in al Jazeera and also Reuters that Tunisia’s national assembly had approved a new constitution.

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Let’s Fly To The Moon With Lunafly

Hi, my dearest pals!

How r you today? hopefully smile stand still in your face 🙂

As I said in my recent post, I’ll write my personal impression to Lunafly!
But before, I think I have to say that it’s too personal writings, just like writing in my diary. I don’t want u to expect that I’ll write about the whole information about Lunafly, cz I’m afraid u’ll disappointed. So, u still have an option to click the ‘x’ in the corner of this page to close it, hhe..

Let me start..
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LC9, The Lovable Boys (part one)

Hi, guys!

How was your day? Long time post yaa..
Well, today I just want to post some photos from LC9 when they came to Indonesia to held a concert with Lunafly.

Honestly, a main reason why I attended their concert is because I really want to see Lunafly :3 I’m a big fan of them. Especially, Yun *shy*. I really like the way they share their love with their music and song. I enjoy it. When I played their music in my phone, some times it likes mood booster that make my feel a bit calm so I can think about anything so clearly, that makes me optimistic to face any trouble in my life. hehe..

Well.. I w ant to share a lot about what I feel to Lunafly and also their photos, especially when I met them in press conference and concert, but in my next post. Cz I want to share a lot :3.
Lunafly came up to Indonesia *if I’m not mistaken* at 16 January 2014. He came with LC9 to held a joint concert, called ‘Lukie Beat live in Concert’ in Jungle Land, Sentul Bogor at 19 January 2014. Actually I don’t know much about LC9, they are new comer boyband. Lunafly and LC9 came from the same management, Nega Network.

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